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 bass 4 sweet dreams

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PostSubject: bass 4 sweet dreams   Sun May 27, 2012 10:43 am

not sure on this one. it only has a 3 star rating. in the comments section, there is a possible correction to main rif, so i pasting that here

Quote :
The main riff sounds better like this for me.

G -----|
D -----1-----|
E -----4--4---3--3-----|

Sweet Dreams Bass Tab

ok, this is my first tab and i hope its right so if anyone has any comments pm me.enjoy!
intro/ main riff
G --------------------------|
D ------1-------------------|
A -3--3---3-------3------3--|
E -----------4--4---3--3----| x4
riff 2
G ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D ---6-----6---6----5-----5---5----------------3-----3---3----6-----6---6-|
A ------------------------------3-3-3-3-3-3-------------------------------|
E -4---4-4---4----3---3-3---3----------------1---1-1---1----4---4-4---4---|

G ---------------|
D ---5-----5---5-|
A ---------------|
E -3---3-3---3---| x1

Main Riff x8

Riff 2 x1

Main Riff x6

Riff 2 x1

G -0----2----0----2----0----2----0----2--2-|
D -----------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------|

Main Riff x8

Riff 2 x1

Bridge x1

Main Riff x3

G ---------------------------|
D ------1--------------------|
A -3--3---3--------3-------3-|
E -----------4---4---3---3---|

I didn't tab the whole thing out but the song basically repeats itself[quote]
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bass 4 sweet dreams
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